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Manselle’s Music understands what it is like to be a parent, a student, a music teacher, or just someone who isn’t ready to purchase an instrument but wants to have a positive musical experience and not worry about a low quality instrument that is faulty. That is why we offer a RENT-TO-OWN policy which is INTEREST FREE! That means you can rent-to-own an instrument and have EVERY SINGLE PENNY of your rent payment applied towards purchasing the instrument! In addition to interest free payments we offer a 100% TRADE IN with NO TIME LIMIT which INCLUDES NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR!!! A few stores that do have a trade-in policy often charge a reconditioning fee or a depreciation fee for basic wear and tear. MANSELLE’S MUSIC DOES NOT CHARGE THESE FEES!!! We also provide many services for FREE or we discount them for our customers! Below is specific information regarding our policy and rates. For more information, please contact us at 503-659-9817 or email us: sales at

Rent-To-Own Rates:

GROUP I:  $30/month

GROUP II:  $50 to $60 /month
CELLO, ALTO SAX, Electric Cellos, Etc.

GROUP III:  $80/month*
Tenor Sax, Oboe, Etc.

GROUP IV:  $100/month*
Upright Bass, French Horn, Etc.

For Other Instrument Rent-To-Own Rates Please Call Us At 503-659-9817

*Rates vary according to total instrument outfit price, condition of instrument (new or used) and contract/payment terms. We also offer a pre-paid 9 Month Lease to Own option at a discounted rate. Please note: The $35 Application Fee is non refundable and non-applicable towards purchase. 100% Trade-in, warranty and FREE selected services included with ALL INSTRUMENTS. Call us at 503-659-9817 or visit Manselle’s Music Shop, Inc. for more information.


***EXPERT IN-HOUSE REPAIRS! Manselle’s Music offers expert repairs on ALL instrument types! If we sell or rent it, we repair it! We have decades of knowledge in the repair/restoration field and it shows in our work! All repairs are performed at Manselle’s Music in order to save you time & money, and the quality of work is very high regardless if you are a professional player or brand new beginner. Some repairs and adjustments can be done while you wait by our expert repairmen and luthiers. We discount many repairs and fine adjustments for our loyal customers!

***DISCOUNT PRICING! Manselle’s will MEET or BEAT the prices of our competitors! Simply present an ad or quotation from another store, and we will meet it or beat it! We also will usually price match with internet and mail order authorized dealer outlets. Simply present the website info. or mail order brochure, and we will match their price (including applicable shipping and handling). Now you can save money and get your item right away instead of worrying about an internet order getting mixed up or having a damaged instrument arriving weeks after you order it! It’s always best to purchase an instrument you can see, feel, and hear - rather than buying sight unseen! By choosing Manselle’s Music you not only support the local economy and keep tax dollars local, but you also benefit from our knowledgeable staff and the services we provide.

 We offer TOTAL EASE OF MIND! Simply return your instrument in similar condition (normal wear and tear is acceptable) and we will FULLY REFUND the purchase price minus the fee of a rental contract on the instrument outfit you purchased! We pro-rate according to our standard rental contract fees, from the day you purchased until the day you returned the instrument outfit, and REFUND the UNUSED rental money back to you!  Dollar for dollar, it’s the same as a rental!

***SET UP WORK & FINE-TUNING!  Manselle’s Music performs rigorous set-up work on EVERY instrument we rent or sell!  That means our instruments are guaranteed to meet or exceed your teacher’s expectations and all instruments are READY TO PLAY! We offer free tuning, cleaning and polishing, bridge adjustments and many other FREE services on the instrument you purchased or are renting from Manselle’s Music!

***LIFETIME WARRANTY! Manselle’s Music backs every violin, viola, cello, and upright bass with a lifetime warranty regardless if the manufacturer offers a warranty or not! Manselle’s Music is also the authorized service center for many different brands of instruments.  If you incur any problems with the materials or the craftsmanship of your instrument you purchased from us, Manselle’s Music will fix or replace your instrument! Sorry, but if you abuse, mis-treat, damage, or alter your instrument, or have anyone other than Manselle’s Music Shop, Inc. adjust or repair the instrument, the warranty is void. Ask a sales representative for more information.  Certain restrictions apply.

***WE ARE REALLY FRIENDLY! Does it sound too good to be true? Come in today to see for yourself how nifty we are!

We carry a wide variety of brands, so you have the BEST SELECTION POSSIBLE! Here are a few of the brands we carry

Abilene, Academy, Akord Kvint, Alexandro, Alveraz, Amada, Amati, Amigo, Applause, Applecreek, Arbor, Arista, Leon Aubert, Aubert Mirecourt workshop, Austin, AXL, Bauer, Bausch bows, Berini Bows, Karl Bernard, Besson, Blueridge, Michal Bittner, John Brasil, Buffett, Amalio Burguet, Burman, Cadenza bows, Caprice, Carlson Guitars, Scott Cao, Cervini, Christino, Chromaharp, Coda, Conn, Corelli Bows, Cort, Courtious, Crafter, Crampon, Cremona, Danelectro, Deering, Andre Delmont bows, Dinosaur, DiPalo, Rudoph Doetsch, Dorfler Bows, Pierre Dumas, Dunov, Emil Dupree bows, Durango, Otto Durrschmidt, Jan Dvorak, Josef Dvorak, Eastman, Eleca, Engelhardt, Jiri Ernat, Robert Ernat, Farkas, Fernandez, Flinthill, Formosa, Jan Fronk, Joseph Gabriel bows, Klaus Geisler, Gemeinhardt, Gerardt, Getzen, Gitane, Glasser, Goodtime, Gotz, Richard Grunke, Guardelli, Hamer, Hartke, Erich Hausner, Cuniot Hausset bows, Otto Heine, Herman Beyer, C.L. Hermann, Hilo, Hofner, Hohner, Josef Holpuch, Josef Jr. Holpuch, Holton, K. Holtz Bows, Hondo, Iida, Illner, Indiana, Italia, Jasmine, JB Player, Guy Jeandel bows, Johnson, K500, Kay, Kentucky, Kessler, Julius Keilworth, King, Wilhelm Klier, Knilling, Knoll Bows, Kohlert, Johannes Kohr, Kolstein, Kramer, T. Kreutz, Steffen Kuhnla, Sebastian Kunchen, Lanikai, Lauren, Leblanc, Toussaud Lee, Rainer Leonhardt, Li Workshop, Lidl, Lonestar, Jan Lorenz, Lotus, Lucida, Josef Lupac, Martin, Martin Backpacker, Meisel, Guan Kai Ming, Montana, Morell, Morgan Monroe, Moselle, Mount Vernon, Francois Mouton, Nagoya Suzuki, Albert Nebel, New Yorker Pro, Normandy, L. Odlas bows, Oscar Schmidt, Francois Orlean bows, Milan Oubrecht, P & H Bows, Roderich Paesold, Pfretzschner, Karel Poplstein, August Prell bows, Python, Petr Racz, Wilhelm Raum bows, Regal, A.R. Reichel Bows, Johann Reichert, Alois Reidl, J. Reynolds, Ernst Ritter Bows, S101, Prudencio Saez, Atelier Saldo, Franz Sandner, J. Sandner bows, Sankyo, Santa Rosa, Gregory Sapp, Scherl & Roth, Horst Schicker Bows, Hans Schiller, Schoen Geigenbau, W. Schreiber, Andrew Schroetter, Wilhelm Schuster, Karel Sedlak bows, Seifert Bows, Lothar Semmlinger, Constantin Sereny, Shimro, Alois Sibal, Arpad Sivak, Silvertone, Thomas Skala, Skylark, Slammer, Steiner bows, Peter Steinhaus, Strunal, Gottfried Sturm, Takamine, Mathias Thoma, Tourte, Trinity College, Juraj Vancik, Gliga Vasile, Leonardo Vecchio, Vega, Vito, Hans Wagner, Ling Wang, Weril, Emanuel Wilfer, Emanuel Wilfer, Frederick Wyss, Yanagisawa, Hugo Zachman, AND MANY MORE !!!

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